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SencorpWhite is the exclusive North American distributer for the EffiMat VLM, the next generation of vertical lift modules (VLMs) for small part storage. EffiMat’s revolutionary design stores and retrieves industry standard totes up to four times faster than a traditional VLM. The EffiMat elevator design allows automatic in-feed and out-feed of totes through the side, providing an integrated system for replenishing, buffering, and transporting totes without interruption of the picking process.


  1. High speed picking - up to 400 lines per hour!
  2. Flexible and compact storage
  3. Easy configuration
  4. Tilt opening provides excellent operator ergonomics
  5. RFID and barcode scanning for peak efficiency
  6. Easy integration - interface with WMS, ERP, and MRP systems
  7. Optional infeed-outfeed transport automates replenishment and purging, and ties multiple units together for increased capacity

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  1. Machine height: Up to 78 feet
  2. 2 Standard tote configurations:
    1. 15" wide x 23" deep tote size, 5 totes wide per module
    2. 23" wide x 31" deep tote size, 4 totes wide per module
  3. Tote capacity: 55 lbs maximum per tote
  4. Power requirements: 460 Volt, 30 amp, 3 phase


  1. Increased operational productivity for fast ROI
  2. Flexible picking with individual totes delivered from variable heights and locations
  3. Optional openings on the side allow for automated replenishment without interupting the picking process
  4. Easily integrates with additional Effimat units or other solutions including VLM's and carousels
  5. Provides enhanced security for high-value goods
  6. Increased picking accuracy
  7. Accomodates industry standard totes and bins
  8. Smooth quiet operation: includes Class-B cladding for noise reduction