Automated Self-Service Kiosk for the Retail Supply Chain

BuyBox is an intelligent kiosk for retail that revolutionizes the Click & Collect space. Customers can combine an innovative omnichannel shopping experience with the flexibility of online shopping and the instant gratification of a traditional purchase.

This system is configurable at point of sale for additional retail items.


24/7 Product Availability


Contact-Free 24/7 Purchases, Deliveries and Returns


Interactive and Omnichannel Shopping Experience


Reduction of Start-Up Times for New Points of Sale


Presence in Strategic Areas and Top Locations


Attraction of New Client Segments

Advantages of BuyBox

BuyBox can be adapted to any type of environment, both indoor and outdoor, and allows you to manage a wide range of different materials, even those with large dimensions or weights, in a single point, overcoming the limits of traditional Vending Machines and electrified Parcel Lockers.

The materials are stored in cases which can be easily configured and re-configured over time, in order to adapt them to any evolution in the merchandise mix.

Secure access via One-Time-Password, integrated CCTV and a fire-prevention system, together with a vandal-proof structure, ensure maximum protection of the stored materials.

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