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Silo Plus

Vertical Lift Module designed for high-frequency picking of light loads

Rapid order picking with minimum footprint

The fast multi-column vertical lift system for order picking. With its high performance, SILO Plus is the ideal solution for rapid order processing with a higher picking rate resulting in increased order turnover.

The Silo Plus boasts up to four picking stations and up to seven tray storage columns. Coupled with our IRIDE heads-up display it offers speed and accuracy like no other.

SILO Plus is a multi-column Vertical Lift System with shifting tray technology designed for the storage and high-frequency picking of light loads.

Perfect for situations where high throughput is essential, SILO Plus ticks all the boxes and allows for faster order fulfillment and consolidation.

Thanks to variable sizing options for the trays (both in terms of dimensions and load capacity), and exclusive handling technology, SILO Plus is able to offer the highest level of operational performance.

Incredibly fast order picking, while maintaining the highest levels of quality control, ensures maximum productivity and the best possible flow of materials within the warehouse.

Product Benefits

The vertical SILO Plus storage system operates according to the “goods to person” picking principle: the required materials are automatically taken to the access opening positioned at an ergonomic height, where a warehouse operator can retrieve or store items.


Better price/storage capacity ratio


Shorter order cycle times and faster access to materials


Optimized material flow


High levels of productivity in the order picking processes


Maximum use of both vertical and horizontal space


Maximum economic efficiency


The maximum utilization of storage space within a minimal footprint.  SILOPLUS is able to better exploit all the available space not only vertically (the system height can vary every 100 mm, from 2,800 mm up to 15,000 mm) but also
horizontally (the system width varies from 2,085 mm up to 6,585 mm). Thanks to its modular structure, it can be configured with a combination of up to 7 storage columns.

IRIDE – The interactive control system for your vertical lift system

Silo Plus comes with IRIDE, the interactive multi-media workstation which redefines the way to interact with your ICAM Vertical Lift System. Helps to make all your picking and refilling operations fast and accurate. IRIDE changes the way you think about picking operations, setting new standards in terms of usability, productivity, and accuracy.


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