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We provide leading, cutting-edge warehouse management software that provides companies of all sizes and types with measurable improvements to accuracy and efficiency, resulting in an improved bottom line.

With the need to access real-time data, make decisions quickly and anticipate challenges, facilities managers are increasingly turning to warehouse execution solutions to synchronize existing software and hardware to create a “higher degree” of efficiency and productivity.

Warehouse Execution Software (WES) is a hybrid system that combines specific Warehouse Management Software (WMS) functionality with Warehouse Control System (WCS) functionality for automated warehouses. WCS is the software that controls the movement of cases, cartons, totes or pallets on a conveyor, sortation or AS/RS systems.

Below are some of the main benefits of our Warehouse Software Solutions:

  • 20% to 50% reductions in labor costs
  • Inventory accuracies of 99.5% or better
  • A solution that fully supports OMNI Channel Distribution
  • Provide regular project status reports
  • Increased labor and process efficiencies through system-directed transactions

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Let us tailor your software solution. Whether it’s Warehouse management software (WMS), warehouse execution software (WES), or warehouse control software (WCS) that interests you, let us evaluate your current situation and identify areas for productivity improvements.