Grocery E-Commerce Solutions

Grocery online purchases and e-commerce orders are growing rapidly. Mobile apps are making ordering on-line very easy and convenient, requiring a new look at efficient and customer focused grocery order fulfillment and reliable omnichannel solutions.


White Systems offers a platform of integrated solutions for grocery curbside pickup, customer order fulfillment, and distribution centers. Our experts will partner with your organization to adapt existing and new spaces with thoughtful and automated technology for more cost effective and faster order fulfillment and storage to enhance the grocer customer experience while improving grocer productivity.

White solutions can also be customized for grocery to include all three temperature columns.

White Systems offers a platform of integrated solutions for:

Grocery Curbside Pickup

People Picking Up Groceries

White’s grocery storage automation enables faster, more productive, curbside order pickup. Our curbside pick-up systems are in use to increase delivery speed, reduce labor costs and enhance the grocery customer’s curbside pick-up experience. White’s curbside grocery technology can be installed overnight to be up and running the next day. With customer satisfaction top of mind – White Systems takes pride in helping our partners with flawless execution.

From existing site adaptation to new construction and even new remote locations, White System’s solutions are perfect for each application need.

Benefits include:

  • Faster grocery curbside pick-up times
  • Reduced floor space
  • Lower grocer labor costs while increasing ergonomics
  • Enhanced curbside customer experience


Learn more about the solutions we offer:

Grocery Carousel – Versatile In-store Curbside Storage Solution

White Systems Grocery Carousel

The White Grocery Carousel™ is designed to revolutionize grocery pickup operations utilizing intelligent storage and integrated software. Supermarket chains are realizing over a 200% increase in their buy online, pick-up at store order volume. The Grocery Carousel allows stores to prepare and buffer online orders more efficiently to assemble and manage many orders in a small footprint.

Grocery Carousel Advantages for Grocery Store Owners:

• Minimizes wait times and store congestion by increasing throughput and productivity by up to 350%
• Ergonomic and Safe
• Increase storage density by over 600% compared to traditional storage
• Simple user interface and seamless integration with store order systems
• Improved flexibility and efficiency in picking
• Single point contact for manufacturing, software, installation, and service for consistent results
• Proven reliable design
• Configurable for fast, easy installation in existing stores
• Easily scalable to meet expanding online business growth and future needs

Mobile Inventory Module – Large Volume Curbside Automation

White Systems Grocery Solutions Mobile Inventory Module

White Systems MIM™ a is transportable, self-contained automated system of linked bins traveling around an oval track all housed inside a shipping container. When commanded, the bins rotate bringing the food, medical supplies or necessities to the operator via the shortest route.

The MIM is perfectly suited for e-commerce orders in the grocery space as it allows for grocers to store online orders in a remote system, freeing up valuable floor space, while giving customers the opportunity for touchless pickup.

• Completely assembled
• Easy to ship self-contained unit fully stocked
• Designed to take rolls on ocean transport
• Available Temperature control

Grocery Customer Order Fulfillment

Make unattended order pick-up a reality for grocery with White’s grocery order fulfillment systems. If your business is scaling for the first time or if grocery e-commerce demand is testing your store’s ability to fill orders and meet grocer pick-up expectations, it’s time to update (or create) your grocery fulfillment strategy.

White Systems offers intelligent storage which enables customers to pickup online orders when it is easy and convenient for them. Whether you are migrating from grocery locker systems, enhancing grocery micro-fulfillment, or looking for dark store grocery pick-up, White’s grocery technology can be engineered to meet current and future grocery e-commerce needs.

Benefits include:

  • 24/7 grocery pickup access
  • Remote new grocery location capability
  • Touchless grocery pickup
UPAS Pickup Storage

Learn more about the solutions we offer:

UPAS™ – Unattended Three Temperature Zone Pick-up

White Systems Grocery UPAS™

UPAS™ is a touchless, automated storage solution constructed to help grocers adapt to the rapidly changing market and increase in online orders. UPAS™ provides 24×7 accessibility with high throughput and delivery speeds on customer orders so grocers can maximize workforce efficiency. The fully customizable system offers unattended temperature-controlled customer pickup windows that are weather resilient and can be installed inside or outside of retail locations.

White’s innovative UPAS™ (Unattended Pickup at Store) System makes high volume, unattended grocery pickup easier than ever before with three temperature zones of storage:

  • Unattended curbside pick-up for Groceries
  • Reduced Manpower
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction
  • No longer tied to designated pickup times
  • Handle Demand surges by Pre-Picking Orders days ahead
  • Doesn’t Cut into Retail Space
  • Available 24×7
  • Weather Proof
  • 3 Temperature
  • High Throughput
  • Touchless Covid-19
  • One of a full Family of Pickup Solutions to meet needs of various size grocery applications


Grocery Distribution Centers and Warehouses

White Systems Horizontal Carousel

White System’s extensive experience and industry renown quality brings efficiency you can trust for DCs. Used to receive, temporarily store, and redistribute goods, our portfolio of automated storage and retrieval technology can equip grocers retailers with faster throughput of goods.

Benefits include:

  • Speed to the store and customer
  • Lower operating costs
  • Individual site or network expandability
  • WMS, WES, and WCS Software Platform Solutions
  • Engineered Automation Technology


Learn more about the solutions we offer:

Horizontal Carousel – High Speed and Dense Automated Storage

White Systems Grocery Solutions Horizontal Carousel

Gain Warehouse Efficiency and Reclaim Storage Space. SencorpWhite’s White brand horizontal carousels are automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS) consisting of a closed-loop horizontal track holding carriers (bins). When activated, the bins rotate to bring requested items to the operator.

White brand horizontal carousels with available integrated inventory control software and bar code scanning keep operations at peak efficiency.

Integrated horizontal carousels improve competitive advantage for grocery order-picking operations in distribution center applications as they can handle high density storage items efficiently without wasting floor space.

  • Improved flexibility and efficiency for picking and fulfillment
  • Fast ROI – recover your investment in less than 12 months
  • High throughput – picking rates up to 950 lines per operator, per hour
  • Reduce labor – save up to two-thirds of previously required man-hours
  • High density, efficient storage – reclaim wasted floor space
  • Easy integration – interface with WMS, ERP, and MRP systems


Vertical Carousel – Dense Automated Storage

White Systems Grocery Solutions Vertical Carousel

Save valuable floor space within grocery distribution centers and improve picking speed and accuracy with the White Systems Vertical Carousel. Better equip your distribution facilities with increased storage density, throughput and material-handling efficiency while reducing inventory loss, labor cost, and wasted space.

These carousels efficiently deliver products to the operator, maximize floor space, secure high-value inventory, and facilitate retrieval of anything from documentation to parts and tools.

  • Improved flexibility and efficiency in picking and fulfillment
  • Fast ROI – companies can often recover their investment in less than 12 months
  • Reduced labor – save up to two-thirds of previously required man-hours
  • Optional totes, bins, and drawers for small and large components increase storage flexibility
  • Easy integration – interface with WMS, ERP, and MRP systems
  • Optional refrigeration, freezer or ambient temperature control


Storbot Inserter/Extractor – Robotic Picking and Loading

White Systems Grocery Solutions Storbot Inserter/Extractor

High-speed order fulfillment with Carousel Inserter/Extractor Storbots. The gold standard in goods to person delivery for high-speed order fulfillment and high-density storage. Easily configurable custom inventory management hardware and software solutions for full case or broken case picking. Ideally suited for E-commerce applications.

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