Vertical Lift Modules

A vertical lift module (VLM) is a self-contained unit with shelving trays mounted inside the front and rear and a picking elevator operating centrally. The elevator moves vertically in between the stacks to select shelves as directed by an operator or software. VLMs deliver the shelf at an access point, which is about waist high for an operator in front of the machine.

Vertical lift modules are ideal for the storage of products that vary in height, and they can be single or multi-column. Multi-column designs are useful with large storage and high pick-rate requirements.

Vertical lift modules can:

  • Maximize current warehouse floor space
  • Improve flexibility and efficiency in picking and fulfillment
  • Help companies realize a fast ROI, typically in less than 12 months
  • Reduce labor costs and save up to two-thirds of previously required man-hours
  • Easily integrate and interface with WMS, ERP, and MRP systems
White Systems Silo Plus

Vertical Lift Module Options

Power Column 3

This Vertical Lift Module is good for heavy-duty applications.

Silo L

This Vertical Lift Module is good for long or bulky materials.

Silo 2

This Vertical Lift Module is good for intensive storage needs.


This Vertical Lift Module is​ good for long and/or heavy items.

Silo Plus

This Vertical Lift Module is good for high picking frequency of lighter loads.

Vertical Carousels

Good for increasing storage density.