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Vertical Carousels

Our Vertical Carousels Save Up To 90% of Warehouse Space

White brand vertical carousels are automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS) consisting of a closed-loop track holding carriers (pans). When activated, the pans rotate to bring requested items to the operator.


Improved flexibility and efficiency in picking and fulfillment


Fast ROI - companies can often recover their investment in less than 12 months


Reduced labor - save up to two-thirds of previously required man-hours


Optional totes, bins, and drawers for small and large components increase storage flexibility


Easy integration - interface with WMS, ERP, and MRP systems


Light-directed put/pick


Why Chose Vertical Carousels

White brand vertical carousels increase storage density, throughput, and material-handling efficiency while reducing inventory loss, labor cost, and wasted space. These carousels efficiently deliver product to the operator, maximize floor space, secure high-value inventory, and facilitate retrieval of anything from documentation to parts and tools.

Carousel Options can include:

  • Portable vertical carousels
  • Fixed position carousels
  • Heavy-duty carousels
  • Refrigerated carousels
  • Clean-room carousels
  • TNFPA approved fire protection
  • Fail-safe inventory access
  • Light-directed put/pick
  • Stainless steel pans
  • Perforated pans
  • Reversing air-flow
  • HEPA filter
  • Inert gas flush
  • ERP/MRP interface
  • IR, RF, or barcode inventory identification
  • Multiple level user security and tracking


What Our Clients Say

Since we installed White Systems Horizontal Carousels and StorBot Robotic System, which seamlessly integrated with Intek’s Supply Chain Execution software, we’ve been able to increase efficiency and, more importantly for our customers, accuracy.

Jan Buettner, PMP

Sr. Project Manager, Chef Works

We have been very happy using White’ horizontal carousels and VLM’s for over 8 years now. We depend on them daily in the processing of our critical orders that have to meet an unyielding same day shipping deadline.

Harvey Hoglund

Boeing Spares Distribution Center

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Choose Your 

Vertical Storage Solutions

Power Column 3

Good for heavy-duty applications.

Silo L

Good for long or bulky materials.

Silo 2

Good for intensive storage needs.


Good for long and/or heavy items.

Silo Plus

Good for high picking frequency of lighter loads.

Vertical Carousels

Good for increasing storage density.

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