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No pharmacy has ever said they have more storage space then they can possibly use.  Vertical Carousels from White Systems help alleviate the problem of available storage space.  White verticals capture the unused vertical space not reachable by pharmacy technicians.  If you are looking to design a clean room and incorporate an automated system, a refrigerated machine or a wide variety of other storage solutions, we have the largest selection of machines on the market.

A vertical carousel, complemented with your choice of available software systems have proven to reduce pick times and overstocking of medications.  Available software systems can track medication from the point it enters your pharmacy to individual dosing.  You can track; dates, lot numbers, serial numbers and expiration dates at the touch of a button.  With thousands of installations across the world, automation has proven to be a time, space and most importantly, a money saver.

Let White Systems help find a solution to best suit your needs.

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White, a market leader in innovative, integrated inventory management and high-density storage solutions, is one of the original carousel manufacturers and has stayed at the cutting edge of development over the last 70 years.

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