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Power Column 3 – VLM

Fully customizable rack and pinion vertical lift module

Tough, innovative, American-made VLM for intelligent inventory logistics

SencorpWhite designs and manufactures this VLM for heavy-duty applications. PowerColumn3 is custom designed as a unique system with tray sizes up to 60″ x 240″ with a maximum live load capacity up to 2,000 pounds each.

The PowerColumn3 (PC3) Vertical Lift Module (VLM) is the only VLM designed and manufactured in the United States and is ideal for discrete part storage and retrieval in a variety of applications, including manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution.

The PowerColumn3 incorporates automatic product height sensing, enabling automatic slotting flexibility, and advanced control software.

Optional SencorpWhite software links multiple machines and/or ancillary equipment into customized inventory management systems.

SencorpWhite’s best-in-class customer support, technical expertise, system reconditioning services, and parts replacement resources offer unbeatable reliability and value for customers worldwide.

Product Features


PLC master control with SencorpWhite software


Product height detection with automatic “slotting”


Five standard tray widths, four depths


Height range from 10’ to 50’


Standard 1,000 and optional 2,000-pound maximum live tray load capacity


Reliable rack and pinion elevator drive


Modular, fabricated frame with “bread rack” style tray locations on 1” centers


Standard 36” high front opening


Machine details:

  • Height: 10’ to 50’
  • Standard tray widths: 48”, 72”, 100”, 130”, 144”, 160”
  • Standard tray heights: 25”, 32”, 39”, 50”, 60”
  • Frame construction: Fabricated steel
  • Panel construction: Steel and expanded foam PVC

Tray details:

  • Product height: 28” maximum
  • Depth: 25”, 32”, 39”, 50”, 60”
  • Width: 48”, 72”, 100”, 130”, 144”, 160”
  • Capacity: 1,000 lbs standard, 2,000 lbs optional
  • Tray construction: Fabricated, galvanized steel
  • Elevator index speed: 40”/sec maximum


Download the Power Column 3 Product Brochure

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