Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems

Designed for your Retail Warehouse

As the world of retail evolves to the ever-changing preferences of the consumer many established “Brick and Mortar” retailers have had to evolve.  As a result, the typical distribution center has had to evolve as well.

There are now two models that at times must co-exist, sometimes in the same facility and sometimes in multiple facilities.

  • The first is traditional large, deep line, ship to store order fulfillment.
  • The second is small, short line, direct to consumer order fulfillment.

Different needs usually mean Different “Systems”

Most order fulfillment automation has been designed to accommodate the first through high productivity automated systems and methods that incorporate waves, order batching etc.  In these cases, the e-commerce / direct to consumer / short line order is left out because the same automation does not accommodate it well. The result is costly and inefficient.

White Systems has addressed both of these “order profile” demands through the advent of unique systems that accommodate both with cost-effective, highly productive, proven technologies.

So, if you are a traditional brick & mortar retailer with centralized distribution, a direct to consumer/e-commerce only retailer or a combination of both… Consider the Solutions that White Systems can offer.

Horizontal Carousels

A market-leader in innovative, integrated inventory management and packaging solutions, SencorpWhite pioneered the original horizontal carousel and has stayed at the cutting-edge of development over the last 60 years.


Improved flexibility and efficiency for picking and fulfillment


High density, efficient storage – reclaim wasted floor space


Fast ROI – recover your investment in less than 12 months


High throughput – picking rates up to 950 lines per operator, per hour


Reduce labor – save up to two-thirds of previously required man-hours


Easy integration – interface with WMS, ERP, and MRP systems

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White, a market leader in innovative, integrated inventory management and high-density storage solutions, is one of the original carousel manufacturers and has stayed at the cutting edge of development over the last 70 years.

Horizontal Carousels
Vertical Carousels
Vertical Lift Modules
Pharmacy Vertical Carousels