We build the sub-assemblies for our vertical carousels in our factory in Hyannis, MA. Usually, these are shipped to customers in 53-foot tractor trailer trucks. Then, our installers meet the truck at the customer’s loading dock, remove the components, and finish the assembly on-site. The assembly typically requires a day and after that, another day is needed to complete the installation, debug, and make certain the system is running perfectly.


Regular maintenance leads to optimal performance

A White maintenance contract will help ensure you receive the maximum ROI from your vertical carousel. Typically, there are two preventative maintenance visits per year, when our technician spends a couple hours evaluating the system, inspecting the wiring, tracks, wheels, and other internal components. They also observe the machine in motion, lubricate the chain tracks, chains, and drive chain, and complete any necessary repairs. Some of our customers use their vertical carousels 24 hours a day, seven days a week; others may use them somewhat less frequently. Either way, regular maintenance and occasional mechanical refreshes are vital for optimal performance.