We can customize our automated storage solutions to meet your specific business needs. That process begins with a thorough analysis of your stock listing.

Once we fully understand the type, quantities, and weight of the products you need to store, we can begin to design a solution that will work best for you. We have designed and built systems that can store and retrieve small, lightweight items like jewelry and fasteners or large, heavyweight items like iron pipe and airplane parts—and everything in between.  


Using multiple vertical carousels for batch picking to increase productivity

In certain cases, multiple vertical carousels are required. For example, if there is too much product to fit in one vertical carousel, another is needed. Alternatively, warehouse managers may need multiple vertical carousels because they want to implement batch picking. With batch picking, orders with the same pick requirements are grouped together into small batches. That way, the operator can pick product for all of one batch at the same time. When multiple vertical carousels are used for batch picking, different batch picks can be run simultaneously, increasing speed and efficiency.

Vertical carousels for clean room environments

White offers automated storage and retrieval systems for distribution and point-of-use inventory management of high-value medical devices, instruments, implantables, and pharmaceuticals that must remain sterile. For instance, hospital pharmacies must use clean room environments for compounding certain medications. Our dual-sided vertical carousels for clean rooms enable operators to access products from either sterile or non-sterile environments. That way, operators on the sterile side do not need to leave the clean room to access components. Remember, every time someone leaves a clean room, they need to take off their personal protective equipment (PPE), and every time someone enters a clean room, they need to put on fresh PPE.

With our dual-sided vertical carousels for clean rooms, operators can do their jobs without having to leave the sterile environment. They can work more easily and efficiently—and PPE costs are significantly reduced.

Vertical carousels for products that must be stored at certain temperatures 

Certain products must be stored in temperature-regulated conditions. For example, many new pharmaceuticals must be refrigerated to ensure and preserve efficacy. Likewise, grocers offering curbside pick-up need to store orders at three different temperatures: ambient, refrigerated, and frozen. In other instances, storage must be at higher-than-ambient temperatures (to ensure that a product cures properly, e.g.).

White makes vertical carousels that provide dynamic temperature-regulated storage for whatever conditions are required. In addition to providing temperature-regulated storage, these units free up valuable floor space. For instance, one vertical carousel can have the storage capacity of multiple refrigerators—and with a much smaller footprint. What’s more, because of their integration with computer software, these systems can improve inventory control and management.

Finding the right vertical carousel for your business

White vertical carousels can be customized with a variety of options. First, we will work with you to determine what size your system should be and how many levels of storage are optimal. Our vertical carousels can be built with pans that range in size from tall and long to short and deep. The size and shape of the pans impacts the total number of possible shelves. Beyond that, we also offer customization with regard to color, barcode readers, infrared scanners, and RFID tags. We can even build vertical carousels with specialized features for fire suppression, Halon, or CO2 spray. At White, we consider the design and build of vertical carousels to be a collaborative process.