White Intelligent Storage Vertical Carousels

Our Vertical Carousels are designed to optimize storage and retrieval processes in various environments, including warehouses and hospital pharmacies. These advanced systems offer a range of features and benefits that significantly enhance operational efficiency and flexibility.

They provide a comprehensive solution for improving storage efficiency, reducing labor costs, and maximizing space utilization. With advanced features and easy integration, they are the ideal choice for modern storage needs.

vertical carousel installation

How Vertical Carousels Work

A vertical carousel works by optimizing storage and retrieval processes in warehouses and hospital pharmacies through an efficient, automated system. The computerized control system of the carousel determines the exact location of the requested item. It then rotates the carousel to bring the desired tray or shelf to the retrieval position, making access quick and easy for the operator.

Once the items are retrieved, the carousel rotates back to its original position, ensuring that the tray or shelf returns to its designated storage location. This system maximizes storage space, improves organization, and enhances efficiency by reducing the time spent searching for items. The ergonomic design also minimizes physical strain on operators, contributing to a safer and more productive working environment.

The Benefits of White Intelligent Storage Vertical Carousels

Our Vertical Carousels offer improved flexibility and efficiency in picking and fulfillment, leading to a fast return on investment, often within 12 months. They significantly reduce labor requirements, saving up to two-thirds of previously needed man-hours. With optional totes, bins, and drawers, these carousels provide increased storage flexibility for both small and large components. Additionally, they easily integrate with existing WMS, ERP, and MRP systems, making them a seamless addition to your automation infrastructure.

vertical carousel in a hospital pharmacy
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operator at vertical carousel
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Vertical Carousel Solutions

Our Vertical Carousels deliver fast ROI and significantly improve operational efficiency. They help reduce labor costs and maximize space utilization, providing a comprehensive storage solution for various environments.


  • Fast ROI, often within 12 months
  • Reduced labor, saving up to two-thirds of previously required man-hours
  • Space-saving, potentially saving up to X% of space in a hospital pharmacy or warehouse
  • Enhanced operational efficiency and streamlined workflows

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Vertical storage case study

“White MiniVert Vertical carousels are designed to increase storage density and ergonomically deliver items. The carousels are 6 ½ feet tall and 7 feet wide, storing a large number items in a very small floor footprint. The rotating shelves bring items to the operator and a pick-to-light system guides associates to accurately pick candies. An integrated weighing system allows operators to accurately weigh bulk items prior to packaging. The carousels were sized so labor capacity could be optimized inside the current mix room area, which was limited due to low ceiling heights. Inventory and supply tracking software was implemented for greater business efficiencies.”

White Intelligent Storage MiniVert case study