Automatic Multi-Column Vertical Lift Module for Intensive Storage Needs

SILO² vertical lift module offers maximum adaptability to real storage needs, heavyweight capacity, and a faster ergonomic solution. The SILO² boasts up to four picking stations and up to seven tray storage columns. Coupled with our IRIDE heads-up display it offers speed and accuracy like no other.


Maximum exploitation of all available space both vertically and horizontally


High versatility in application and a wide range of specific weights per tray


Unprecedented operational continuity and flexibility


Proper identification, security, and traceability of stored materials


Improved ergonomics, safety, and comfort for operators


Good for intensive storage needs


Why Chose SILO²

The SILO² vertical lift module is able to exploit every inch of available space, not only vertically but also horizontally, allowing for the creation of storage systems and facilitating installation in any type of environment (low-roofed premises, basements, multi-level premises, areas with pillars and with a complex layout), or even outdoors.

SILO² is made up of shifting trays arranged on both sides of the storage system (front and back); with a tray retrieval mechanism, is responsible for tray picking, vertical handling and delivery, and also for providing for ensuring subsequent replacement within the structure.

Multi-ray photoelectric light curtains and an automatic shutter door allow the warehouse operator to work in complete safety during handling operations at the access opening. Emergency push buttons on the front of the storage system enable the machine to be stopped immediately at any time.

IRIDE – The interactive control system for your vertical lift system

Silo Plus comes with IRIDE, the interactive multi-media workstation which redefines the way to interact with your ICAM Vertical Lift System. Helps to make all your picking and refilling operations fast and accurate. IRIDE changes the way you think about picking operations, setting new standards in terms of usability, productivity, and accuracy.


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What Our Clients Say

Since we installed White Systems Horizontal Carousels and StorBot Robotic System, which seamlessly integrated with Intek’s Supply Chain Execution software, we’ve been able to increase efficiency and, more importantly for our customers, accuracy.

Jan Buettner, PMP

Sr. Project Manager, Chef Works

We have been very happy using White’ horizontal carousels and VLM’s for over 8 years now. We depend on them daily in the processing of our critical orders that have to meet an unyielding same day shipping deadline.

Harvey Hoglund

Boeing Spares Distribution Center

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Vertical Storage Solutions

Power Column 3

Good for heavy-duty applications.

Silo L

Good for long or bulky materials.

Silo 2

Good for intensive storage needs.


Good for long and/or heavy items.

Silo Plus

Good for high picking frequency of lighter loads.

Vertical Carousels

Good for increasing storage density.

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