Vertical Lift Module With Shifting Trays for Multi-Purpose Uses

Silo L is our multi-purpose vertical lift module storage system. It features storage trays that respond to height sensors dynamically. This allows the Silo L to optimize the vertical space that is available. It can be configured with a range of standard tray sizes, weight capacities, and vertical heights. It is the ideal solution for concentrated storage of various shapes and sizes.


Good for long or bulky materials.


Maximum use of vertical space in minimum footprint


High versatility in application, including use for long or bulky items


Drastic reduction in errors and picking times


Operational ergonomics and safety for operators


Protection of stored materials and efficient management of stock levels


SILO L Vertical Lift Module

The wide choice trays, available in a wide range of sizes with widths varying from a minimum of 1,260 mm to a maximum of 4,060 mm. Depths range from 665 to 855 mm and the height of the trays can vary from 75 to 675 mm in height. Thanks to a range of accessories such as side extensions, removable storage for items o various dimensions and shape.

Silo L can be extended over several floors, offering the possibility of placing access openings on different levels (with a maximum of 4 access openings per VLM) and/or positioned opposite each other to reduce the need for operator movement and facilitate a faster picking process.

Completely redesigned in line with the latest technological and ergonomic standards, Silo L is a single-column, multipurpose vertical storage system and is perfect for the storage of long or bulky items or for applications that require a high level of operational versatility.

Every detail of the new Silo L system has been designed to ensure maximum flexibility and an unprecedented level of productivity, never before provided by a single-column storage system. A smart, cost-conscious design, which facilitates assembly and installation and offers many new features.

IRIDE – The interactive control system for your vertical lift system

Silo L comes with IRIDE, the interactive multi-media workstation which redefines the way to interact with your ICAM Vertical Lift System. Helps to make all your picking and refilling operations fast and accurate. IRIDE changes the way you think about picking operations, setting new standards in terms of usability, productivity, and accuracy.


What Our Clients Say

Since we installed White Systems Horizontal Carousels and StorBot Robotic System, which seamlessly integrated with Intek’s Supply Chain Execution software, we’ve been able to increase efficiency and, more importantly for our customers, accuracy.

Jan Buettner, PMP

Sr. Project Manager, Chef Works

We have been very happy using White’ horizontal carousels and VLM’s for over 8 years now. We depend on them daily in the processing of our critical orders that have to meet an unyielding same day shipping deadline.

Harvey Hoglund

Boeing Spares Distribution Center

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Vertical Storage Solutions

Power Column 3

Good for heavy-duty applications.

Silo L

Good for long or bulky materials.

Silo 2

Good for intensive storage needs.


Good for long and/or heavy items.

Silo Plus

Good for high picking frequency of lighter loads.

Vertical Carousels

Good for increasing storage density.

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