​When we begin working with a customer, one of our first priorities is to analyze their database of products (size, weight, cubic footprint) and what their sales look like, down to kitting. We also analyze velocity reports by product, by SKU, and determine peak and average pick times.

Then we ask, “Where would you like to see improvement? What issues are important to solve first?” We create solutions based on the answers to those questions. For example, a customer may have issues with printing out product labels or consolidation.

The solution for downstream printing may be having consolidation completed in the carousel, in the accumulation conveyor, or in some other place. We sort through the options and design solutions that work best for the customer.

Type Of Horizontal Carousel
SencorpWhite also offers a range of automated storage solutions

Some customers think they need a horizontal carousel, but our analysis may show that another type of automated storage solution would work better. SencorpWhite offers a range of options, including vertical carousels and vertical lift modules (VLMs), which can be optimal in applications where storage density is more important than pick rate. At SencorpWhite, we are able to fit storage systems for each individual application. We want to offer the solution that’s going to get you the biggest ROI, whether that’s a horizontal carousel, a VLM, a robotic picking store bot, or just a software upgrade.

The installation process for automated storage solutions

Installation processes are as varied as the automated storage solutions themselves. We have installed vertical carousels in pharmacies in less than 12 hours. In these cases, we were able to prep the area and complete the installation overnight so that in the morning, we could run the carousel and train the operators. The installation of horizontal carousels can take longer—up to a week—depending on the length and size of the equipment. The same is true for VLMs. A single VLM can be installed in just a few days, but installation of a multi-column VLM can take up to two weeks, depending on its height. Shuttle systems can take a few weeks, as well, and grid systems, which are even more complex, can require months for installation. At SencorpWhite, we don’t believe in coming back and making right what we should’ve done right the first time. If it’s going to be done, we’re going to do it right the first time.